Stoneface Siding Contractor in Westfield Acknowledged for Transforming a Home into a True Work of Art

The service was amazing and the neighbors were fascinated as they witnessed the transformation


Westfield, NJ – The appeal of stoneface siding has grown exceedingly popular with the artists at Garden State Brickface Windows and Siding creating the classic look of real stone at an affordable cost. Ashlar Stone, Earthstone and Castle Block are just a few of the many patterns and textures their customers have to choose from.

Stoneface siding work is a masonry process involving four applications of hand-trowelled instant-crete formula, which is a cementitious material that can be hand-sculpted to simulate a stone design and texture. The instant-crete formula, exclusive to Garden State Brickface (, is a hard, durable non-toxic exterior surfacing product.

The first step in applying Stoneface siding is applying a coat of the formula, allowing it to set-up slightly, then it is scratched. A mortar color coat is then applied and allowed to set. The third step is the finish coat which is carefully and applied. Once it has set sufficiently, it is scored deep enough to reveal the mortar coat and define the design and texture desired.

The application of Stoneface siding is often described as an amazing work of art. Here is a review from a very happy customer who was thrilled with the superior service and outstanding results:

“Just want to drop you a note to say how grateful I am for your team that worked on my house. These workers were so professional and talented that it was a pleasure to work on such a large project.

Right from the beginning after meeting Joe Hely and Ken Brezina, I felt that this undertaking would be in good hands. Then after meeting with Lisa Carr, her suggestions were all perfect for this house. She made it charming and lovely. I very much appreciated your sharp input and oversight.

Then setting up the work with the production department, was seamless. Tom Kaczmarek is a leader; he went right to work with his men who carefully created a stoneface work of art on the foundation of the house. Tom Kaczmarek, Alberto Alverez, Eddie Albelo, & Guilermo Brea, did an absolutely beautiful job. My neighbors were fascinated watching the process.”

It was also amazing to watch only two men totally transform the peaks and siding. Even here, every effort was made, every day, to make this house just that much more special. Val Cunha is an artist as well. Making final choices that make the details Lisa chose look perfect. Of course, his co-worker John Bocchino was right there supporting and helping make the house absolutely beautiful.

Garden State Brickface Windows and Siding celebrates over 55 years of success as one of the oldest and most respected remodeling companies in the US. Founded in 1953, the company has enjoyed a strong reputation for high quality workmanship, customer satisfaction and strong regional brand recognition. Visit to learn more.

About Brickface:
Garden State Brickface is one of the most reliable, well-established home improvement businesses in the NY/NJ metro area. They are specialists in exterior resurfacing of homes for aesthetic and practical needs. Their trained artisan installers have an average of 20 years’ experience. Their design consultants will come to the home and help their client re-design the look of their property to improve curb appeal and add value. Brickface uses high-quality, low-maintenance products to promote energy efficiency and ensure longevity.

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