Lincoln Bathroom Remodel Specialist with Bath Planet helps Determine if the Time is Right to Remodel the Bathroom

When it comes to complete bathroom renovations many homeowners will second guess their decision to take on this great expense


Lincoln, IL – The thought of hiring a bathroom remodel specialist during troubled economic times causes concern for homeowners who want to improve the quality of their life but fear the expense. The bathroom renovations experts with Bath Planet understand their concern so they have created a free downloadable brochure to help them decide if the time is right for remodeling the bathroom.

Several issues do indicate a need for a bathroom remodel. All bathrooms are subject to daily wear and tear, but when mold becomes a problem and everything starts falling apart bathroom remodeling is the solution. In addition to being ugly, mold problems in the bathroom can be a health hazard. A moldy old bathroom is harder to keep clean.

Another factor when considering a complete bathroom remodel is if it is hopelessly outdated. The avocado green tile and harvest gold fixtures that were all the rage in the 70’s should be replaced with neutral colors. This way, changing the look is more simply done just by repainting and changing the accessories. The experts at Bath Planet ( can help create a bathroom that fits their client’s style just by making a few quick and affordable changes.

People who are trying to sell their home in today’s competitive market should consider a bathroom remodel to increase the value and leave less room for buyers to negotiate a lower price. The downside with some bathroom remodel contractors is the declining real estate values combined with the cost of one of the most expensive home improvement projects. Fortunately, Bath Planet has addressed this concern and offers an affordable solution.

Bath Planet offers a perfect option for affordable bathroom renovations with exquisite results. They know that kitchens and bathrooms are very important features of a home and that buyers will be more attracted to a home that does not require extensive work in these areas. If the bathroom is outdated, more than 25 years old, moldy and difficult to maintain, Bath Planet can provide an affordable and practical bathroom remodel that is easy on the budget and allows a good return for the seller.

With hundreds of style and color options, Bath Planet offers cost and time-effective installation of low maintenance solutions to bathroom remodeling. Options include: bath and shower wraps/ liners, tub to shower conversions and walk-in tubs for people with special needs. to learn more.

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