HandyPro Dublin Handyman has 2 Major Areas of Expertise: General Home Repair and Senior Home Modification

He provides many types of home repair and commercial building maintenance but his current passion is home modification for the aging and disabled


 Dublin OH – The Dublin Handyman satisfies the need for an important service unmatched by any in the home service industry. Tom Mills, owner of HandyPro is not just a typical handyman; rather he is focused on two important areas of service: general home repair and senior home modification.

The Dublin handyman performs a wide variety of home repairs in over 1600 categories including painting, carpentry, drywall and plaster repair, windows, doors and siding, and everything on the homeowner’s to-do list.

Senior home modification is his current passion. The Dublin handyman is helping aging and disabled homeowners live safely and independently in their homes. Tom Mills is specially trained and qualified to provide customized home renovation for people who can no longer live in their home as it is currently designed. Products installed include grab bars, handrails, service ramps, vertical lifts, stair lifts, walk-in shower units, walk-in bathtubs and complete bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

HandyPro is one of few handyman services qualified to provide this type of service. He offers customized home renovation for the aging or disabled who require special equipment and devices and/or changes to their home design to allow them to continue to live safely and independently in their home. HandyPro Handyman Service (http://www.dubinhandymanservice.blogspot.com/) is an ADA Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

Homeowners and commercial customers enjoy quality service and professional workmanship provided by a licensed home and building repair contractor. Aging homeowners discover affordable solutions to continue to live in their own home independently.

Customers are treated with the respect they deserve. The handyman will arrive on time or the customer receives a discount of $30 on their service. Tom Mills feels honored to be invited into a customer’s home and trusted with their project, so he respects their home by cleaning up his work area when the job is complete. Leaving the area free from debris is not only a professional courtesy, but a safety issue as well.

HandyPro Handyman Services is a growing company with over a dozen independently owned franchises in the US. Tom Mills serves the Columbus area, Hilliard, Dublin and nearby cities and communities. Visit www.homemodificationdublinoh.blogspot.com to learn more.

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