DUCTZ Boca Raton Technician Explains the Value of Hiring a Qualified Duct Cleaning Service

The most important thing people need to know is that there is only one acceptable level of clean…anything less is substandard


 Boca Raton FL – The local duct cleaning specialist and owner of DUCTZ explains the value of hiring a qualified professional versus discount duct cleaning contractors. There are many duct cleaning services advertised in the media. Consumers need to be aware that while many of these duct cleaning specialists are reputable, some are not!

Dave Pisan owns DUCTZ (http://www.ductcleaningbocaraton.blogspot.com/) of North Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach Florida. Dave purchased his duct cleaning franchise when he recognized a need to inform the public about the difference between quality duct cleaning service and a substandard job performed by discount contractors.

According to Pisan, the most important thing to know about duct cleaning service is that there are no different levels of cleaning. Anything less than complete removal of all contaminants is unacceptable to the licensed and qualified duct cleaning specialist. Substandard duct cleaning service can cause more harm than good, leaving homes with more issues than they had before the discount contractor arrived.

When improper equipment or inferior techniques are used, any dormant contaminants can become airborne and circulate throughout the residential living space when the furnace or AC unit is running.

Consumers should make sure the duct cleaning contractor they hire uses proper equipment and techniques. They should have the proper State License and be willing to provide before and after pictures of actual jobs completed. Dave Pisan is licensed and certified to provide quality duct cleaning service according to NADCA ACR 2006 Standards. Visit www.airductflorida.com to learn more.

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